Today was one of those super busy days.  I knew it would be from the calendar.  But then there was more.  A lot more, to fill in all the little time gaps that may have tried to sneak a little breathing room in to my day.  My phone was going off non-stop.  There is a lot that I just couldn’t get to that will just wait until tomorrow.  I am exhausted.

So here’s a cool thing.  I had a talk with a child of mine the other day.  This child has had difficulty with reading.  This child worked a lot last year and made huge improvements!  Then we ran in to the librarian at the fair and my child told her how he didn’t like to read and how he only read this year because I made him.  Hmm.  Then we went in for his yearly physical and he told the doctor also how he didn’t like reading.

This past weekend, we had a chat.  I told him that I could completely understand not liking reading at this time last year; because it was so difficult for him!  I reminded him that others in this family didn’t turn in to big readers until they finally found the type of book that they liked – and that everyone has their own type of book that they enjoy.  I pointed out that he worked way too hard and improved way too far to keep that same “I don’t like reading attitude”.  We talked about how that attitude was not fair to him and his efforts.  And how it was hurting his future by keeping that as his operating attitude.  I told him, he should be proud.  He had forgotten about how far he’d come!  And he had just sunk back in to an old attitude.

Our talk worked!  I ordered him a new book from amazon prime in a series that has his attention.  It came today and he read it right away!  The whole thing!  And he was very proud of himself.  He said he thinks he’s set a record of reading a book that fast!  Then he filled out his extra reader sheet for the summer reading program at the library!

In a day that exhausted me with all that there was to do; I am thankful for watching my son remember to be proud of himself!  And thankful that he has intentionally changed the way he is thinking about reading.  I know this will pop up again.  But each time it does, it will be easier and easier to turn around to a positive view!

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