I wrote a few days ago about finding my Entreleadership book on cd.  It has been a good reminder that I have let some things slip lately.  The first thing on my fix-it list is being intentional about my day.

It seems that I am, at a quick glance.  I mean, I have a calendar.  It says what to do and when.  Then I hit the snooze button.  If I don’t have a morning appointment, I may lay in bed playing candy crush.  I flutter here and there.  And before I know it, I’ve been awake for hours and not gotten a thing done.  Not that every minute has to be productive!  But, rest time should be intentionally rest time.  Walking around in a daze that I snap out of late in the morning is not intentionally resting or intentionally being productive.

Throughout the day I follow my calendar’s appointments, answer phone calls, return emails, and lose my train of thought with every interruption.  I ended yesterday feeling like a train had run over me.

I’ve tried this before – when I am intentional about when I check emails, or when I return voicemails, or any other interruption; I no longer feel like I am ran over by a train!  The details of the day get done either way.  The difference is my mental health!  When I intentionally put these interruptions in to their place of the day, they don’t run my day.

I’ll tell ya, I know this is something that God is putting in front of me to do!  The timing of finding this message last week, the waking up the last few morning by taking a few minutes to pray and be thankful, and the email in my inbox this morning for the Full Focus Planner for sale.  I get it.  I’m not buying the planner, at least not yet.  But, I get it.  I need to get a handle on the details before they overtake me!

Looking at this Full Focus Planner this morning, I found this quote on the website by Stephen Covey: “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule.  But to schedule your priorities.”  That was an “oohh” moment for me.  My goal had been to prioritize my schedule.  Now it’s not.

My days will most likely look the same in the next week as they did last week.  The difference will be me!  I will feel in control of my day, instead of my day controlling me!

Tonight I am thankful that I will get this back!  It is so easy to slide away from a practice when it is not done every day!  And summer has been my excuse.  Not anymore!

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