Life is so full of second chances!!  I wrote last night’s blog about being intentional with my day.

I had plans to start this morning just the same with being intentional about the day.  Then I saw the snake.  My hands were full and I couldn’t grab the snake.  When my hands were free, I tried to find the snake again.  I saw it, but couldn’t reach it.  Once I moved furniture to reach it, it was gone.  I had to take the puppy to the vet.  So I had to leave.  I closed the door and had my daughter tape the bottom of the door so the snake couldn’t get out.

I called the hubster.  He left work and tried to find the snake while i was gone.  He couldn’t find it.  And he had to go back to work.  So he closed the door and had the door taped again.

Once I got back from the vet, I gathered the kids for a group snake hunt.  By this time the kids had named the snake, Sneak.

I removed the tape from the bottom of the door; not a quiet action.  I opened the door, and there was the snake!!  Just sitting in front of the door!  In fact, the door went over top of the snake when I opened it.  I grabbed the snake in a towel quickly and we took him outside!

Tonight I am thankful for the divine intervention that had the snake right in front of the door!!  Snakes like darker, confined spaces to feel secure (from what I’ve read).  In front of the door was not darker or confined.  I thought we were going to have to tear the entire room apart.  But, a snake miracle left the snake waiting patiently to leave the room!!  I am so thankful!!


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