Weeellll, tonight went better!

But, here’s the kicker, I forgot something from last year.  Last year I hopped on an online measuring website called findlotsize.com and mapped out different routes for us to take while training for the 15 mile race.  I hadn’t really done that this year.

I knew we had taken different routes last year at different times.  This year, with the short amount of time between now and the race, we just opted for our longest route.

Tonight the kids mentioned how we had went up to 17 miles last year; so that when we got to the 15 mile race, it seemed easier.  Oh Yeah, I remembered that!!  And that was . . our longest route from last year.  When we got back tonight I looked it up.  Yep, we went 17.7 mile last weekend and tonight!  Oops!

So tonight I am thankful that the bike race may be easy peasy!  Here we are getting used to a 17 mile route!!  The kids are a mix of proud and “really Mom!”  Oops!!  🙂



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