Last night we added 7 more hens to our chicken clan.

These chickens have not had a ton of human interaction.  The family asked us to come when it was darker outside so we could even catch them.  So last night they slept in the large animal carrier.

This morning, in the sunlight, we let them out in a smaller pen that hasn’t been used this summer.  They chickens appreciated the food that we gave them all day – we are trying to win them over!!  They also appreciated the taller weeds in that pen to hide.  One brave hen came out and said Hello to our existing chickens; but after a few minutes, she went back in to the pen with her friends.

Soooo . . . I didn’t want to risk scaring them tonight when we would have to catch them and put them some place safe.  I also didn’t want to put them in the pen with our other chickens, since they haven’t really bonded yet.

We have had a giant wooden box sitting here for a while that the hubster brought home from work.  Tonight he fixed it all up to be a hen hotel!!  He spent a bit of time on it, reinforcing it, making their door, roosts, etc.  He finished after 9!

Thankfully, it was easier than I thought it would be to grab the hens and put them in the Hen Hotel!!  They went much easier than they did for their previous owners last night.  AND there were two eggs in the pen!!  Usually when hens are upset, they stop laying for a while.  But I feel a bit relieved that the hens are feeling more at home!

Tonight I am thankful for the spectacular Hen Hotel built by the hubster!  (No pics, sorry!  It’s too dark!)  And I am thankful that the hens were relaxed enough to lay eggs!  They will fit right in!

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