Not Wednesday

Well . . . my blog from last night was excited about Wednesday.  The big event from Wednesday is now postponed.

This is life.

At first I was fairly upset.  The postponement could have been non-existent had other people done their jobs.  Doesn’t that make things harder?  I’m sure you’ve been there;  you see a potential problem, you can’t fix it yourself, so you let someone know who could fix it or keep it at bay, no one listens, then it becomes a problem that affects you  . . . which is why you mentioned it in the first place.  I quickly reverted back to a five-year old child.  “I told you so!”  I wanted to scream it.  But I’m not five anymore.  And even when I was five, I don’t think I would have had quite the tantrum that I wanted to throw today.

I did send an email.  I probably shouldn’t have.  It was as polite as I could possibly make it while being pretty peeved.  The reply to my email was just as frustrating and upsetting.  *note sarcasm here as I paraphrase* “of course no one could have seen this coming and this is all brand new information as of today!”

I wrote a reply.  I deleted it.  I wrote a reply.  I deleted it.  I thought about going to the basement and spending some time with my punching bag.  Instead a sweet child gave me a hug and kiss ❤

Tonight I am thankful that this really just a little bump and not a huge deal.  I am thankful for time to remember to learn patience and self-control – I’ll always be a work in progress.  Tonight I am thankful for my kiddos to remind me to calm down.  And I am thankful God is in control here.  The outcome will be good, no matter the road it takes to get there!

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