Our Team

As I was driving to appointments today I had one of those ah-ha moments.

In the past, I have had people involved with my businesses that just didn’t fit.  I knew it.  They knew it.  And most of the time, it ended amicably.

All this time I thought a majority of this issue was personality differences on a personal level.  I am more big-picture and not always detailed oriented.  I can be scatter brained at times.  And I am sometimes ditsy.

Today was the revelation that part of the problems in the past have been attributed to the fact that I admit flaws like this.  I am generally very open about mistakes that I make and about my personality differences (I don’t think I’ll call them flaws).  I share things like this, especially with my team members, because they will also make mistakes.  And they will sometimes feel like their personality differences may be an issue.  I always want my team to know that we are going to make mistakes!  But we learn from them and keep going.  I want my team to know that they don’t have to be perfect to make this work.  I want to work with people who have heart!  Give me passion over perfection any day!

Today it hit me that it wasn’t just this part of my personality and style that some have a personal issue with; it is also that they don’t find it professional.  That revelation struck me as almost ironic – because I talk about the mistakes to improve things professionally!  Those who have left my team who I believe have had this qualm with me have found their new homes at organizations where I wouldn’t fit.

I suppose I don’t do “professional”.  I don’t put on one personality to work and one to play.  I am always me.  If you run in to me in my front yard, at school, in a meeting, or anywhere else; I am always the same person.  Or at least, I aim to be.  I’ve never wanted to have a “work” me that was different from the regular me; this can be seen on an old resume with a lay-off in my early 20’s!  At that time it was suggested that I get coffee for the men at a meeting because I was a girl!  Nope!  I’m the same stubborn, equal, out-spoken girl at a meeting as I am on the street: as in, I don’t do anything just because I am a girl!

Seeing this in a new light made me smile.  It really did.  I have never structured my businesses, my life, or myself to fit in to anyone else’s mold.  This isn’t to say my way is the best by any means!  There are all types of people!  I smiled because this way is what’s right for me.  And if that means that some people leave because of it, then we would never have made a good team anyways.  I will always be an over-sharer of information – all kinds.  I will share my mistakes and I will share what I learned from them.  And if that makes someone lose faith in my competency; then they don’t know me very well!  The truth is that we all make mistakes, whether we can all admit it or not; hearing about my mistakes does not mean that other people haven’t made them.

Tonight I am thankful for another light lining up to show that I am on the right path.  I know I step off it at times.  And I know that sometimes I get stuck.  But all in all, I haven’t compromised myself to build my businesses or keep people around.  The result is two thriving businesses (soon to be three) filled with team members who are passionate about life and their work!  I don’t usually call out names in this blog.  But I want to give a thankful and heartfelt shout out to Jenni, Lee Ann, Marti, Vickie, and Deanna!  And even with cheer I am thankful for passionate coaches with Leah, Leia, and Stacy!

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