We all have those tasks we put off doing.  One of mine (I do have a few) is accounting.  Today was finally going to be the day!

You may be thinking, Wait, you write a lot about budgeting and Dave Ramsey.  Why would accounting be so horrible?

Well, because it is.

I like Excel.  I can keep track of it all in Excel.  But, as my companies have grown, I have grown in the need (per the government with taxes, etc.) to have something more advanced.  So instead of making one entry in Excel on one line, nice and easy.  I have to enter, and reconcile, and adjust, and blah, blah, blah.  Some of you may be rolling your eyes at me.  I know it isn’t really horrible.  It’s just not my thing.

Today was the day.  I’ve caught up on all my business accounting for the year!  Yay!  It took HOURS and HOURS.  Ugh.  I hope that now I’ve learned my lesson and will reconcile at the end of every month.  But, I’m kind of stubborn, so who knows. 😉

Tonight I was complaining that it took soooo much of my Sunday at my desk looking at numbers.  But then I stopped.  And decided that tonight I will be thankful that the accounting is done and caught up!  Everything balances!  And I will make a new, grumbling effort to balance every month, at the end of every month – and then this wouldn’t be near so bad!

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