I saw the puppy in the poison ivy.  We didn’t give him a complete bath.  But, I thought we cleaned up ok.

Until my arms and neck broke out.  I tried for a few days to contain it.

In my sleep, I rubbed my arm on my face.  Then it was on my face.  Then I went in to the doctor.  I got a shot.  I got some pills.  And this crap has still been hanging around on my body, driving me crazy!!

The last few days I’ve used this “wash”.  Except, I’m not washing it off.  I’m scrubbing it in to my skin and leaving it there to dry myself out.  It might be working.

Tonight I am thankful for this scrub stuff.  I am at least itching less than I have in the last week.  And the scrubby things scratch the rash when I rub it on!  So an added plus for that!



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