Fun Day!

Today was Family Fun Day!  The hubster was off work and we got to go play!

Frankenmuth was our destination!

Our first stop was Bronners.  The absolute best time to go to Christmas-land is during a weekday in the summer!  Why?  Because that place gets so packed with people around Christmas time.  Today we were able to move around the Winter Wonderland with ease.  And we added a few special ornaments to hang on our tree this year!

We drove in to town and parked.  As we walked up to the next building the boys were excited by a store with gaming stuff and the girls saw a book store!  The nice lady at the bookstore gave us a coupon book to use around town!  Oh, I do love saving money!!  We started with 10% off at her store!

It was nice to wander around and explore, using coupons here and there 🙂  I have been to Frankenmuth a few times, but I think today was the first time I went thru the museum.  It was interesting to see how the town started; a far cry from the tourist-land it is today.  When we sat down for a pizza dinner, we thumbed thru the coupon book to see what else we may want to try.

One thing I hadn’t thought would be on the agenda for today, would definitely be mining for rocks!  But we had a coupon!  So the kids go to go mining!  It was actually pretty neat, they had buckets to mine that were guaranteed to have a mixture of interesting stones.

Tonight I am thankful for a fun day out with the family!  It was a great day!!  ❤ ❤




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