Ah the budget . . . it is almost comical that I spent so many years sure that our household could NOT do a budget due to my irregular income.  There was just “no way” it could work.

My thoughts about budgeting were all wrong!  In the last few years I’ve learned a thing or two . . or thousands of things!  Anyway, I have realized that I will never perfect the budget.  Nowhere else could that be seen that our Back to School shopping this year!

I have never made Back to School shopping an all-year savings event.  But it will be from now on.  I have kept track of our back to school expenses and found that over 70% of the money spent has NOT been on the actual shopping.  We are great at the sales shopping!  But we can’t do a thing about sports, year books, lunch accounts, etc.

Today though, today was the last shopping excursion.  We went to the outlet mall.  I haven’t been to the outlet mall in years.  And this was definitely the weekend to go back!  Many, many stores had things 40 – 70% off!  We saved close to $300!  See the hats on my girls here?  They were not really school related, but only $3 each!  My necklace?  $1.

Better than the shopping and the savings was the time with my girls ❤  It was a great day spending time with these sillies!

Tonight I am thankful for a fun day out with my girls!!  We had a blast!  I am thankful for budgeting – which gives us the freedom to spend money on things when we’ve decided beforehand to spend – with no guilt!  And I am thankful for a fun day out with my girls ❤  Oh, did I say that already?  It must have been my favorite!  ❤ ❤ ❤



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