Summer Project

This is NOT a good picture.  I forgot to take a picture during the day.

Our big summer project was re-doing our absolutely beautiful brick paver patio.  I was not looking forward to the project.  Honestly the patio was one of the first things that I loved about this house!  I did not want to remove it at all; but our continuing basement issues left us no choice.

Honestly, it was a good thing we did.  We thought re-grading was our big concern.  Boy were we wrong!  There was a section of the block foundation wall that had a 2 x 3ish foot hole several feet under the ground.  That explained a lot of water issues!  The only thing we can think is that a piece of machinery was used to make the well room attached to the house; and maybe the machinery backed in to the foundation and took a chunk out.  There was some concrete next to the hole, but not actually in the hole.

We thought for a short while about putting the pavers back.  But, with the steeper grading away from the house, the pavers wouldn’t have set straight.  We also had the added paver issue of tree roots popping the bricks up.  All in all, it just seemed like a good idea to come up with a Plan B.  I have seen some lovely rock-type gardens at houses.  So that was our plan.

We have more work to do to make the whole thing prettier.  But, the foundation concrete block fix is done.  The grading is done.  The additional grading away from the well room is done.  The landscape fabric is done.  Today the rocks came in.  And a few pretty pavers are in!

Tonight I am thankful that our summer project is functionally done before the end of summer!!  The removal of the pavers actually took the longest.  They went to a good home and family who loves their new paver patio!  And the great news is that during recent rain the basement has stayed nice and dry!!

9-2-2018 9-54-08 PM

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