I thought about being cranky today.  I was SOO tired!!!  I went a good many months with intentionally getting more sleep.  Then a few weeks ago, I started consistently letting the sleep numbers dwindle.  Last night was just shy of four hours.  I need more sleep than that.

Yesterday I worked for around 19 hours straight.  The blessing and curse of the home office.  It is convenient.  I would never work 19 hours at an outside building.

This morning as I was driving (late) for my 7:15 meeting I wanted to whine.  I decided to be thankful.  I am thankful that I get to work from home, many do not have that flexibility.  I am thankful that part of my job is leaving home; it makes for a nice break from desk time.  I am thankful for the sleep that I did get; there are some who got far less.  I am thankful for the ability to take on extra work when I choose, many do not have that opportunity.

I started whining a little bit off and on today.  I tried to catch myself.  No, I didn’t have to work so much.  But we have big goals.  Big goals take lots of work.  And I am truly blessed to be able to work that extra time from my home, with my family around, coming in to talk to me.  I get to hear about everybody’s day while I do the easier stuff.  And do the more analytical part in between visits from my family coming in to my office.  Yes, I truly am blessed.

Tonight I am thankful for the opportunity to work while being here for my family.  Tonight I am also very thankful that I am going to bed and sleeping tonight!!!

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