Have you ever waited and waited for something to happen?  Then when it does happen, it just doesn’t seem real?  That’s where I’m at today!

Today was a big day.  We sold our rental house.  We’ve owned that house for twelve years.  That house was never meant to be a twelve-year deal.  It was only going to be a few year deal.

We’ve learned a lot from that house.  That house has blessed two different families while under our ownership.  We were not one of those families.  I wasn’t the best record keeper when we bought that house.  But I am fairly certain that if you add up income generated versus money invested in that house, we are in the hole.

Now with its sale, we are going to be blessed also.  And we are going to be able to bless others.  The timing is perfect.

Tonight I am thankful for the sale of our first rental house!  A LOT of lessons were learned!  The thought of being free of this house and the stress attached to it already has me feeling more at peace!




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