Other Man

There has been another man in my life for many years now.  He’s always been there for me whenever I’ve needed him.  I’d just pick up the phone and he’d be over in less than an hour.  He was here just two weeks ago!

Now he’s left.  He won’t be coming over anymore.

His name is Howard.  He’s always hungry.  Yes, Hungry Howie’s.  They changed their delivery area and they no longer come out to my house!!

It’s not like we had delivery a lot.  I’d usually rather drive in to town than pay for delivery fees.  But it was nice to splurge every once in a while when I just didn’t feel like doing anything for dinner.

Tonight I will be thankful that I have frozen pizzas in the freezer.  Actually I have a lot of food in my freezer right now!  I am super thankful to a wonderful lady who dropped off lots of piggy-products today!!  And I will be thankful that Hungry Howie’s won’t be coming to my house anymore.  This will certainly help us stay in our budget since we no longer have the option of paying extra for pizza delivery!



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