Over a week ago I burned my arm on the oven.  I didn’t think much of it.  A couple of days later I was itching my arm without thinking and tore the burnt skin off.

Unfortunately the new skin wasn’t ready for the germ-filled air.  My arm got infected.  I covered it and used antibiotic ointment.  It didn’t help.  My arm was getting quite red.

Epsom salts are great so many things, including infection.  But this was right in the middle of my arm.  How could I soak it and do anything else?  I couldn’t.

So I got some epsom salts wet, put them on the wound, and covered it.  I could feel it doing stuff right away.  I was a little scared honestly to feel something like that so fast.  That first time, I only kept the salts on for a little bit.

For the next many days, I would put the wet salts on the wound during the day and seal them on with a bandage.  Slowly the infection was going down.  I think today is going to be my last bandaged day!  There is just a regular scab there now 🙂  Yay!

Tonight I am thankful for Epsom Salts!!  The red from the infection had gotten to almost an inch radius from the burn.  But now it is gone!!

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