I am naturally a cold person.  It is hereditary.  I will one day be like my grandma and wear a winter coat in 70 degree weather.  I have accepted this as my fate!

During football season, we have three games a week.  One child cheers on Friday night.  One child plays on Saturday.  And one child cheers on Sunday.  Thankfully the fourth child does an indoor sport with heat!

In my van lives a fuzzy blanket, two winter hats, and three pairs of gloves.  I almost took out the hats and gloves for the summer.  But, I decided to leave them in.  They weren’t in the way.  Tonight I was so thankful for that decision!!

I thought I dressed warm enough.  But with the blanket, the hat, and gloves, I was still thinking of walking out to my van to get another jacket!  Oh, and I had a hot chocolate from the concession stand!

Tonight I am thankful for all the warm stuff!!  I love watching the kiddos do their thing.  And I am thankful for being able to stay as warm as possible while watching.  If I could figure out how to get a kerosene heater approved in the stands, I would totally do it!



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