There’s a big project that I’ve been working on for months.  Many months actually.  Several times now, it has seemed as though the project was going to be ready to launch and each of these times, there has been “something” that has come up to cause a delay.

The latest came yesterday.  It could be frustrating.  But I wasn’t really frustrated.  It could be disappointing.  But I wasn’t really disappointed.

I have noticed so far, that every delay and every set-back have had a lesson that has went along with them.  I have learned more than I ever anticipated learning along the journey of this project.  And with the passing of this time, I am feeling more and more prepared as I have more time to research and learn things.

So now that I’ve had over 24 hours to process this; I am thankful tonight, not for another delay, but for the additional time to prepare and learn.  When this project finally does take flight, I won’t feel like a novice.  I’ll feel a bit more seasoned just from traveling this road!

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