A Little Deep for Being so Tired!

There is a great peace in letting people be who they are.

There have been people very close to me in life that let me down.  Like, majorly let me down.  Broke my heart in pieces type of let me down.  They were about 20 years apart.  And they both shattered my life.

How do you forgive something like that?

I learned.  I learned that you have to let go of who you think people should be.  We tend to think that those closest to us owe us something.  Whether its attention, love, time, etc.  it doesn’t matter.  When we set the standard of who someone should be, or how they should act, we set ourselves up for hurt.

Am I saying don’t have standards or boundaries?  Absolutely not!!  Have your boundaries of safe relationships!  Have your standards on the way you will be respected and treated!  And then let the rest go.

If the person doesn’t respect the boundaries or treats you below your standard of respect; you let them be who they are . . from a distance.  Whether you are hurt or whether you see that you will be hurt if things continue; you can not change the person.  You still have to let the person be who they are going to be.  So, you enforce your boundaries.  You keep yourself safe.  And you forgive the other person for being human – you are too.  You forgive them for being flawed.  You forgive them for being lost.  And in that forgiveness you find peace.  Peace is priceless.  And peace is powerful.  With peace, you can pray for those you care about.  With peace, you can change your heart.  It becomes stronger, and a little softer at the same time.

Tonight I am thankful for having learned this lesson!  Going thru the moments in life, I never thought I would one day be thankful for any of it.  And honestly, I would have preferred to learn the lesson another way.  But the lesson is learned.  And I see the peace that I have learned is precious and rare in this world.  And I am thankful for the peace in letting go.


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