The Dumping Ground

I am slowly going thru my home office.  The room is the “dumping ground” of this house.  If a person doesn’t know where something goes, take it to mom’s office!  If there is a project in process that needs somewhere to go, take it to mom’s office.

I look around this room and want to give up.

This weekend, I had a block of hours on Saturday and a block of hours today.  I was going to get this room done!

Well I’m not done.  But I started!  There is a lot of stuff here!  A lot of paperwork.  A lot of family things.  A lot of memory things.  A lot of stuff that needs a place to stay, but doesn’t have a designated space.

I bought some baskets from Dollar General a few weeks ago, and a few more yesterday ($5 off $25 Saturday coupon for Dollar General!).  I’ve went thru my desk, four long shelves, one random pile on a rolling cart, and the pile that has been growing on top of my printer/scanner/copier.

I’ll be honest, I knew this room was cluttered.  But I really didn’t think it was quite this bad!  Good news, I found some really neat things!  Bad news, I’m like a kid and want to stop and admire all the neat things I find!

Tonight I am thankful for a good start on going thru my home office!  I am thankful for a better organization plan for this office!  For years I was under the impression that I could get rid of “stuff” and this office would stay organized.  I have now accepted that there honestly is “stuff” that needs to be kept here!  I have four children in multiple sports and activities and two businesses!  There will be “stuff” that needs to be found for various reasons and at various times of the year.  The stuff will live here in this room.  And it will now be kept in a designated space and not in a pile to “find a good place” that doesn’t exist outside of this room!

Next weekend, I’ll tackle the other wall in here!!  I can’t wait!

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