I knew it was coming.  I’ve been keeping it at bay for as long as I can!

School germs, changing seasons, prolonged exposure to people, and the feeling of Bleh is here.  I need to dig out my diffuser and get the Thieves going in the air.  I’ve been putting it on my neck.  I’ve been gobbling down the Elderberry gummies all day.  Last night I soaked in Epsom Salts.  And I laid in bed this morning a little longer, trying to give my body a little more rest to fight the yuckies off!

Tonight I will be thankful that right now I just feel Bleh with a few extra sneezes!  Hopefully all the good healthy things will pay off and the Bleh will not grow in to something more!  Excuse me now, I’m off to find more Vitamin C before bed!


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