Running in Pj’s

It hit.  These yucky germs hit full force last night.  I went to bed early, but it did no good.  I’ve felt miserable today.

We’ll add to the miserable that this afternoon an innocent child took the puppy outside and the puppy took off.  Picture me, in my pj’s still in the middle of the day, running across the neighbor’s yard in my slippers to catch a puppy; while said child felt very upset for losing the puppy.  So I had to stay calm.  I got back inside wheezing and not feeling well at all.  But the puppy was safe . . and in trouble.

Not long after, another innocent child brought me a barn cat.  The barn cat seemed fine.  Until I pet its side.  Apparently it has an owey on its side.  I never did inspect it.  Because as soon as I touched it, the kitty bit my hand and wouldn’t let go.  It scratched my other hand all up as I moved to grab the scruff of its neck so it would release me.  The kitty was then escorted outside the house as quickly as possible.  That thing has strong jaw muscles.  My hand is still swollen and looks to be bruised.

Tonight I could be miserable.  And I certainly feel a tad on the miserable side.  But, I am choosing to be thankful.  I am thankful that I did NOT have appointment outside the house today.  I am thankful that my work today was at my desk.  I am thankful that the puppy was caught – it could have been worse. He could have run off or gotten hit in the road.  So I am thankful he is here in the living room.  I am thankful the kitty bit me.  If it had bitten the kids that way, they would have lost it.  I am thankful the kitty is outside.  I’ll find it later . . when my hand goes back to its normal size!
Oh yes, I have even more to be thankful for.  There was a cheer practice tonight that I did not attend tonight.  I messaged my fabulous coaches and they were very supportive of me staying home.  I am super thankful for three capable, competent, and classy ladies who let me stay home and rest tonight!

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