My daughter was standing here when I read about a teacher in another state being fired for not giving credit to students who didn’t turn in an assignment.  This started a discussion about grades.

When I was in school a “C” was considered “average”.  Now, the “C” equivalent of a number is below average.  My child, told me that they aren’t supposed to be “average” in school anymore.  Hello!?  This is concerning!  That is what kids are hearing.

I came home tonight and there was an article about demanding perfection from kids:

This seems to be the theme of the day!  And it is scary.  I can tell you, that as an adult, no one has ever asked me what my scores were all thru high school, how many sports I played, how many activities I did, or how much I volunteered.  No one.  There may be the one random, “have you ever?”.  But no one has ever asked for my resume from high school.  And I’d look at them like they were stupid if they did!  I would think, “What does that matter?”

Do you know what happens as an adult if you fail at something?  Say, if you fail at a job?  You go find a different job!!  I was a waitress once.  I was HORRIBLE!  I forget details.  Waitresses need to remember details.  I will always remember the table that NEVER got the salt they asked for 16 years ago!  I sucked at that job.  But, I’m good with houses.  We are lying to our children telling them that there is one path to success in their growing-up years.

There are some professions that are very dependent on schooling.  And typically the people who desire those professions know that is what they want and the path to get there.  It is foolish to attempt to prepare all teenagers for med school when they do NOT all want to go in to medicine!

Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now.

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to tell my children that they can be whoever and whatever they want to be!  I am thankful to be able to tell them that who they want to be is the most important; their character, their integrity, their honesty, their faith, their work ethic, and their compassion will take them down the road in life that will leave them the happiest and most fulfilled.  I am thankful to be here to encourage them to dream their dreams while having fun and being kids!

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