I love birthdays!!  I don’t understand why people don’t like birthdays!  I mean, come on!  A whole day to celebrate you being here on this planet!  How fantastic is that!!

I know it’s the age thing that people have trouble with.  Maybe if they grew up with someone like my Grandma, they wouldn’t care.  The woman is in her 90s and still stops to play with the toys in the kid aisles at the stores.  She is living the belief that age is truly just a number . . . and she’s one of the happiest people I know . . maybe the happiest!  So she is doing something right!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t looking forward much to this birthday though.  Today was Homecoming.  Which meant that I would work all day, and do homecoming stuff all afternoon / evening.  Nope, that wasn’t too exciting for me.  But as today got closer, I did get more excited.  I mean, no matter what, it’s still my birthday!  So instead of the parade being for homecoming, I said they made a parade for my birthday!  What an honor! 🙂  And I got to march in it with a group of excited and adorable cheerleaders!

We have tomorrow to celebrate my birthday . . in between more football and a high school dance.  Tomorrow for lunch!  We will celebrate tomorrow for lunch!  And hey, we might as well celebrate in to Sunday as well.  It’ll be an extended birthday weekend!

Tonight I am thankful for my birthday!  I’ve been on this Earth for so many years that this birthday is another anniversary of my 21st birthday!  Hooray!  An anniversary birthday!  🙂  And I am thankful that I did get to spend my birthday with some wonderful people today.  Check out my birthday present 🙂   I love it ❤  ❤


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