On a snowy February day in 2013, I found this sweet kitty half-frozen to the road.  I couldn’t believe what I had seen when I drove by.  I turned around and she meowed for help.  I wrapped her up and brought her home.  She dethawed on the way home.  I don’t know how long she had been out in the cold for.  But it was obvious that it had been too long.  Her back legs took over a year to work correctly.

And for this saving act, one would think that this little furball would love me forever.  Wouldn’t you think???  *sigh*  But, she was babied and spoiled and has turned in to a little princess cat.

Fast-forward to this summer; she didn’t like the puppy when we first got him.  And she really didn’t like him when he grew bigger!  For over a month I’ve barely seen this cat.  She has lived upstairs in her self-inflicted exile; not setting foot on the first floor of this house unless she had to potty or eat and drink.

About a week ago she started coming downstairs when I went to bed.  She’d lay with me for a few minutes and then take off.  Tonight she came in my office.  I stood up and she took over my chair – her favorite place to steal.  I think she has forgiven me for allowing another dog in the house.  EXCEPT, I didn’t ask her forgiveness!!  I’ve been waiting for her to stop acting so spoiled!!

*Sigh*  *Whatever*  I’ll take it.  Tonight I am thankful that my little fluffball is back to loving me again.  I will laugh if her and the puppy end up being best friends!  And I will remind her of her self-inflicted exile if I ever see her napping with the puppy!



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