Mr. Boyfriend

I hear its National Boyfriend Day!!

I’ve been dating this guy for 21 years!  Strange, since I just celebrated the anniversary of my 29th birthday . . . he must be getting older 😉

I was looking for a picture of us back in our dating years and found this one.  My daughter was out, so I had to tell her the story.  This was for my senior prom.  Mr. Boyfriend had graduated four years prior and wasn’t too thrilled about going to a school prom.  He had taken me to the formal Christmas dance already.

A friend of his, who was also graduated, was dating a school-aged girl too.  This friend had told his girlfriend that he would only take her to one formal school dance.  And my Mr. Boyfriend tried telling me that also!  I told him that was fine, he didn’t have to go.  I would just get another date.  Then he decided that he wanted to come with me after all!

In case anyone thinks that Mr. Boyfriend didn’t know what he was getting in to with me; he totally did 😉  I’ve been like this from the beginning!

Tonight I am thankful for silly holidays to let me share some of my favorite photos 🙂  I’m thankful for Mr. Boyfriend as well!  I don’t need a holiday to be thankful for him.  And I am beyond thankful that Mr. Boyfriend became Mr. Husband and Mr. Daddy to our four amazing kiddos!



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