When I was a kid, maybe a teenager, I remember going to Grand Ledge during their fall festival.  I remember riding the riverboat and seeing the pretty colors of the trees from the river.  And I remember the island peppered with different vendors and artisans.

I have wanted to go back . . for quite some time actually.  There were many years that I just missed it.  I didn’t know when it was and missed it.  Other years we just had too much going on.

This was going to be our year!  I even had a coupon for a kid to ride the river boat for free!!  And today was our day!  Unfortunately the hubster wasn’t feeling good, so he stayed home.  Fortunately, the Girl Scouts were going to Grand Ledge today to take pictures on the ledge’s trails!

The timing was amazing!  I ended up working until after noon today.  I got home, grabbed the kids, and we were on our way.  While we were going thru the island admission, I heard other people asking about the river boat!  We rushed right to the riverboat tent.  We heard the people talking that a line was forming for people who wanted to sit upstairs.  The boys went and got our spot in line.  The girls got in line and got us some popcorn and drinks.  And I bought our tickets.  We only had a small wait, and we were on the riverboat!  It was wonderful!

Then we walked the island vendors.  They had quite a variety!  When we left and headed over to the park to meet the Girl Scouts, we pulled in right as they were walked out of the parking lot!  Terrific timing again!!  The trails, ledges, and river were breathtaking, as always!

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful afternoon and evening!  The weather wasn’t too freezing.  The sun was shining!  We actually made it to the fall festival and got to ride the riverboat!  The outing ended with the kids singing silly songs and saying silly lines all the way home 🙂  My heart is very happy!

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