One Week

Oh what a difference a week makes.

One week ago Saturday, the hubster and I were out for dinner, celebrating our anniversary.  And I told him I was tired.  Not regular tired.  But the kind of tired you get from trying so long and so hard at something that you just need a break.  I told him that I knew that a lot of it was this football season.  I love all the people involved with our cheer program!  But sometimes it feels like just another thing that takes up time.  With all four kids in a different sport that happens at different times during the week; I was getting worn down.  Add to that an excessive amount of work, fighting for the new business plans, and worrying how we were going to pay for braces for TWO kids at once; so I had to keep working ridiculous hours per week . . . I was tired.

I was telling myself that after cheer and football, I would get a breather.  I would catch up then.  But I don’t know if I really believed myself.

One week from that dinner date, we only have a week left for the major sports stuff that I am involved in!  I will just get to be a spectator for the other kiddo sports!  And, at the end of this season I get to hand over this fantastic cheer program to a wonderful lady who will do great with it!  Kids braces are figured out.  Business plans ended; and I am praying for this great opportunity to be a blessing for someone else out there!

So yeah, here I am a week later with a lot less to be on my plate.  I have so many things that have been pushed to the side for “when I have time”, that will finally get some attention!  I started listening to Dave Ramsey’s show this past week again.  I had stopped for a while because it just seemed like more stress to stay so focused on our plan.  We were still on a budget and keeping our goals.  But we had definitely lost some intensity as we did other things.

Tonight I am thankful for the difference in the way I feel from last week.  This is a busy week coming up.  But I feel like we have a plan and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I wouldn’t have planned this last week the way that it happened.  But, it happened and great things will happen for all involved!  I truly believe that!


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