Earlier this year we added 3 female and 1 male goats to our little farm.  We were very excited.  The woman we got them from told us that the three females were all about a year old and the male was born this spring.

With them not being related, we were excited with the thought of babies and milk.  We had a family talk that we would not be keeping babies this time.  And I was excited for next spring and the thought of fuzzy, little babies!

Little did we know that the females were pregnant.  One had twins a couple of weeks ago.  The twins were born too early.  They were too tiny and were found dead in the pen.  I have been watching another big bellied lady-goat.  Friday she had twins while I was gone.  One twin was much larger than the other.  Unfortunately, when I got home Friday they were both dead in the pen.  I’m not sure what happened with the healthy-sized goat.  It may just be an issue with the momma being a first time mother – at least that’s what I’m hoping.  Hopefully next time will go better.

The momma from a couple of weeks ago did not get milk in, her babies were born so early.  But Friday’s momma has milk!  So, although we are very sad about babies, we will have goat milk!  We are closely watching the third female!!  If she is pregnant too  (which I think she is), it looks like she only has one.

Tonight I am thankful for goat milk!!  Completely unrelated, I am also thankful for a good birthday for my daughter!!  She lost her last baby tooth today on her birthday too!!


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