A week later than originally planned, we officially made official plans for my office today.

I have not been excited about this.

A year ago I was working on building out my new office in town.  Now I’m having to renovate a new space for my office.  I could be politically correct and polite and agreeable about all this.  But, why?  Honestly, this sucks.  I’m not looking for pity; I’m just saying this sucks.  I’ve had a crappy attitude about renovations here.  There are a lot of other projects that I would like to work on rather than renovating a space to move my office.  There are a lot of other projects that have been on the back burner since last year when I was working on my then-new office . . just waiting for me to have time for them.

This past week, knowing that I didn’t have the best attitude about this, I set a date of today to make a decision.

Sometimes making a decision to wait, is still a decision.  Earlier this week I walked in to the room to be renovated and just felt overwhelmed.  Want to know what kind of decisions I make when I’m overwhelmed?  I can tell you . . . crappy decisions.  From a crappy attitude, I usually make crappy decisions.  So today was the day.  I set aside my crappy attitude and made logical and good decisions.

Now we have a plan.  We have some self-imposed deadlines.  We have some real deadlines.  We’ve made lots of the little decisions that go in to a larger project.

Tonight I am thankful for making decisions and getting a plan together.  I am thankful to have a space available to renovate and turn in to, what will be, a great new office.  And I am thankful that, although I haven’t had the best attitude about the office, this really is only a pretty minor thing in the grand scheme of things.


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