Sometimes I refrain from listening to music.  Which seems silly because I love music.  There are always certain songs, certain genres, certain lyrics that always get to me.  And sometimes I just don’t want to “feel” anything extra – so the music goes away.

I’ve been very focused for several months on several different goals.  To stay focused, I couldn’t get very emotional.  I didn’t want to feel too much extra.  It would take away focus from the goals.  Now, some goals are completed.  Some goals are changing.  And there are now some new goals.

Yesterday and today, the songs came out.  It’s felt good 🙂  I’ve been typing away at work and singing my heart out.  **The dogs don’t seem to mind . . except one of them did leave the room yesterday.

Tonight I am thankful for letting music back in!  It was never a permanent banishment . . just a temporary restraint to allow focus on what needed to be done.

For the record, the music was never gone completely; my car radio was still on!  But that’s never quite the same as picking the songs yourself and singing along!

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