I am excited!  Tomorrow morning is a craft show.  At this same craft show last year there was a vendor selling Elderberry jelly.  I had only bought a jar of it last year and didn’t catch the vendor’s name.  I had also never had Elderberry jelly before.

It was delicious!  And Elderberries are so good for us!  I buy Elderberry gummies online for the family to stay healthy during cold and flu season.  I will have to find out where a person can buy Elderberry plants!

But for tonight, I am thankful for (hopefully) another chance to buy some delicious and nutritious Elderberry jelly tomorrow morning!  I will be buying more than one jar!  And I will be getting the vendor’s name so I don’t have to wait a whole year again!  I’ve looked at several different places thru-out the year and haven’t found anyone else who sells it!


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