I don’t care for Student of the Month awards.  Or Student of the Week awards.  I didn’t like them when I was a student.  And I haven’t liked them as a parent.

Why?  They aren’t fair.  They are not quantifiable.  “Be a good student”.  Ok, well I was a good student in school.  My kids are good students most of the time.  Then if you don’t get the award, then what?  Does that make you a bad student?  What else could you do to be a “good” student?  What if you are good all month and have a bad day?  Does that then make you a bad student?  For one off-day?  That’s not fair.  Anyway, I just don’t particularly like the notion of it all.  I have watched the same kids get the award year after year.  And they are good kids.  But other kids are good too.

Of my three children that are now done with elementary school, only one was student of the month.  My other two children wanted to be student of the month.  But it never happened.  So we had talks about the whole thing.  Because of course they are still good students, and they have to recognize and know that about themselves.  An award doesn’t change who they are.  And that is a good discussion, with a good life lesson.  So I won’t detract from the important lesson on the other side of the awards . . . but I still don’t like them.

The school made a pretty good move this year.  The elementary school did away with student of the month.  They now have a monthly award that goes along with the Seven Mindsets (I believe these are from the book, The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life”).  Good move school!  You have now made this award quantifiable to the kids!  The school has talked about the seven mindsets to the children for some time.  And now, it’s a recognizable goal!  You don’t have to master all Seven.  You don’t have to just be a “good student”.  You can excel at whatever your strengths are, in line with one of the seven mindsets!  And I can guarantee you that every student excels with at least one of the seven!  Recognizing  personal strengths versus recognizing chasing a “norm” behavior is a huge step in the right direction!!

This morning was a breakfast ceremony to hand out these awards.  My very proud and excited award recipient asked who was going to come to the breakfast.  Now keep in mind, he asked his three older siblings – who are two teenagers and one pre-teen.  These people have to be dragged out of bed regularly.  Two of the three are fairly soured on this whole award, kid of the month deal anyway.  They all told the recipient a “good job”, and declined the breakfast invitation.

My son came to me, less than thrilled.  He understood that they didn’t all want to come that early.  But he really wanted his big brother to come.  His big brother is hardest of all to wake up in the morning!  But I had a talk with the sleepy teenager, and I told him how much it meant to his little brother.  This morning, it was myself and my two sons at the breakfast.

Tonight I am thankful and very proud of my boys today!  My elementary school boy has worked so hard and improved so much in school in the last year and a half!  Today’s award fits him well; he earned the “Everything is Possible” award!  I am very proud of him!  My older boy got up early to come to a ceremony that he never got to be a part of himself.  I told him how proud I was of him for being there for his little brother when it was something he had wanted years ago.  He was genuinely there, heart and mind, this morning, congratulating his little brother.  That is a hard situation for adults to handle and be genuine; but he did it with a genuine character.  I am very proud. ❤ ❤
P.S.  I’m proud of my girls too!  And they’ll have another blog on another day.



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