Before my wonderful, amazing, and ultimately spectacular Lasik eye surgery over a year ago, I sought the regular care of an optometrist.  He was a wonderful guy!  I’m sure he still is!  Shortly after my surgery he retired.

Besides that he was nice, the one thing that will always be stuck in my head is that he would send a postcard.  Not the reminder postcards that people get.  No, he would send a handwritten postcard after my appointment.  It was a great personal touch to his service; and really showed that he cared.

I’ve wanted to bring that level of connectivity to my business.  I’ve done things here and there.  But I’ve wanted something consistent – which goes against my naturally sporadic tendencies!  Now, the wheels are in motion.  And on my desk (a few days later than I wanted, but that’s ok!), are the first of what-will-be many ways of showing people that level of caring in my business!  I’m so silly-geeked about this!

Tonight I am thankful for the start of groundwork of a great plan!  I know this will grow and be a wonderful thing for years to come!!

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