Let me share some not-so-highlights from this past week.

– One morning, as he is was getting out the van, my son announced that he forgot his lunch and/or lunch money.  I hand him a half-eaten bag of cheddar cheese ruffles from the van and wish him a good day.

– I stepped on a nail . . I think my last tetanus shot is still good.  I actually did ask about this the last time I was in Urgent Care.  I think I have about a year still.

– I was 20 minutes late picking kids up from an activity after being on hold with tech support for too long.  While I was being transferred to a “senior” tech person, I drove to get the kids.  Of course the guy picked up the phone . . while the kids were getting in the car.

– I went to the store to buy milk.  Bought junk food.  Forgot to buy milk.

– And a handful of other not-so-delightful moments.

Tonight I am thankful the week is ending with a Friday evening at home, with a blanket, and a kitty, relaxing, and watching the Silver Bells parade.  The week was long.  But the evening is short.


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