I think its been four or five years that I’ve been going out shopping Thanksgiving morning.  Before that time, I had always said that I would not go shopping on Thanksgiving.  But, when the sales moved from Black Friday to Thanksgiving morning, I changed my plan.

It works ok.  I get up and leave, do the shopping, save hundreds of dollars, and get back home before anyone wakes up.  No one even misses me.  This year and last the hubster has come with me!!

This year we were getting something very special.  We have an old, overweight, arthritic doggie.  The puppy chewed up both her dog bed and the smaller dog’s bed.  And she has been laying on just fabric on the hard ground.  That isn’t too comfy for an old, overweight, arthritic doggie!  This morning, the dog beds were buy one, get one free!!

The little dog could smell the new beds when we brought them in the house.  She started jumping up and down.  Our old lady dog couldn’t have been happier!  She laid in one bed, then the other bed.  She has been loving the comfiness of today!

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and love!  And I am thankful for the chance to get new beds for our elderly girls; especially for the oldest who now thinks she is laying on a cloud ❤


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