First Time

I’ll still never forget the first time I went Black Friday shopping.  That was back when things were a little crazier.  Although, from some videos online I see things are still crazy in some places!!

But I first went 16 years ago.  We had just moved from our first small house of less than 800 sq ft to our bigger house of almost double that.  Our little tv looked perfect in our tiny house’s living room.  It was hard to see in our new house’s living room.  I had found a bigger tv at a great price on a Black Friday ad.  I asked my mom if she’d come with me, and we were off on an adventure!!

I hadn’t realized that so many people would be out at 5am!  We pulled in the parking lot a few minutes after 5 and all I saw were tvs being rolled out in all the shopping carts.  Shopping carts, there were none left.  I was determined though!  We went looking.  Surely there had to be a tv somewhere still!  We were at one end of the store and an announcement came on that more tvs were being brought out at the other end of the store.  I hurried over!  By the time I got there, they were all gone.  Or so I thought.

There was a man leaning on a tv talking to someone.  I figured he was saving the tv while a friend went to find a cart.  When he turned around, he saw me staring.  No, he worked there!!  He had just been chatting and hadn’t realized he was leaning on the tv.  He asked me if I wanted it.  Then he helped load it in to our cart – the cart which my mom had found while I was hurrying around the store looking for tvs!  I was so blessed!!

In the years since then, going out is more of a tradition.  We don’t do big electronics.  I don’t want to wait in line.  We make more of a wish-list of shopping.  If the stores are out of something, no big deal.  We get some shopping done.  We save money.  And we have fun!

Tonight I am thankful for a day of sales where people can get some shopping done at great prices!  I saved a ton today!  And I am thankful for those who shop today  remembering that these are just things; and ultimately aren’t near as important as the people you will give them to at Christmas (or as important as the other people out shopping)!

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