Bubble Wrap

I am not a graceful person.  Fortunately I do love milk, so I figure my bones are pretty darn strong.

Yesterday I had taken the dog outside for his morning time.  I came back inside.  I went back outside to milk the goat – the goat isn’t comfortable with the dog, so the dog has to stay inside during milking time.  The wind was pretty cold, so I ran to the barn.  I slipped in the slushy snow and fell backwards, but to the side a little; landing on my hip and elbow.  I stood back up, not feeling too bad.

Last night, when I laid down in bed; I was hurting!  Today if I moved wrong, I was hurting.  I’m sure I bruised something.

Tonight I am thankful that I didn’t break anything!!  The last time I was full-out running and fell, I tore my PCL!  I’m sure I didn’t tear anything this time!  And I know I didn’t break anything.  I think I’ve only made some areas on my body a little mad at me.  My body’s used to that!  It’ll get over that soon enough.  I am so glad I didn’t break anything!!!  I may soon start searching for clothes made out of bubble wrap . .

Just a fair warning – to anyone who wants to throw in an “it sucks getting older” comment, like the hubster did; save it for someone else!  I’ve been hurting myself unintentionally for a long, long time!  This is nothing new!


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