Great Company

I was recommended to Rooney’s out of Jackson a few years ago.  I don’t really remember what the first thing is that they did over here.  We live in an old house and we’ve had several different issues with the house.  I do remember that the plumber that we had out here before Rooney’s really didn’t want to be here.  He had come out to the house and acted a little bothered that we were taking his precious time.  I have a bit of an issue paying someone to work who doesn’t want to work.  So I started asking around for a new company.  That’s when I first heard of Rooney’s.

Over the past few years I’ve had Rooney’s do several different repairs at our own home and at investment properties that we have.  I’ve sent them to family’s homes.  And referred them to friends.  I like knowing a company that is motivated and takes pride in their work!  It makes it a joy to recommend them.

Yesterday and today, this company helped with one of my clients.  I can’t write details because this deal is still in process.  Maybe some day.  For today, I can write that some very nice people may be able to get their dream house because of a reasonable and reputable company that shows up ready to work and take care of people.

Tonight I am thankful for Rooney’s of Jackson!  Doing great with my own home is one thing.  Doing great with my clients is a completely different and awesome thing!

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