The hubster brought home paperwork over a week ago.  It’s been sitting in here in my “to-do” pile.  My “to-do” pile has been getting backed up lately with the office renovations.  And now the paperwork is late!

So we pulled it out tonight and looked at it.  It is the insurance paperwork for 2019.  There weren’t a lot of changes.  Except there was a new program in there.  Amwell is the name.  It looked like what I’ve been asking for!!!

For years I’ve wished I could just call the doctor and have it go like this, “Hello, I have poison ivy pretty bad again.  Can you please call in the steroid cream?”  He’d say yes, make the call, and bam – I’d have the cream and not waste a few hours.  But, rules, and laws, and blah, blah, blah; common sense is not applicable under the long arm of the law sometimes.

Well, Amwell calls itself “telemedicine”.  With a cell phone app, you can talk live to a doctor and get minor things attended to!  It is cheaper than an urgent care visit.  With insurance, it can be waaay cheaper than a co-pay.  And it is accessible on weekends, evenings, and holidays!  My dream has come true!

It actually seemed too good to be true.  But the hubster said there was a guy in his insurance meeting that has been using it for a little bit and loves it!  The reviews online look good too!

Tonight I am thankful and excited for this new program merging technology and medicine!!  I was going to write “I can’t wait to use it!”.  But, really, I can wait to use it.  I’d rather stay healthy!!  But it is good to know that when I or the family get unhealthy, I have this new resource available!!

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