Ready / Not Ready

One week from today is Christmas!!!!

I’ll admit, I haven’t been as on track with Christmas stuff this year.  I don’t have our Christmas cards out yet.  I still have a bit of shopping to do.  And we still have some cookies to finish!

It was getting to me.  Last weekend, I was letting it bother me that I have spent so much time on my new office renovation and not enjoying the season.  I got to the frustrated tear phase.  And that is when it was time for a change.  The change is me.  I don’t want to feel like that at Christmas time.

So no, I probably won’t get to watch all my favorite holiday classics before Christmas.  Fortunately the movies still work in the dvd player after the 25th!  No, we don’t have the tree in the living room this year due to the puppy (who is no longer puppy sized but LOVES sticks).  And I’ve been a little nervous of decorating the tree with our playful kitties.  Fortunately, the pretty tree is only a small part of Christmas.  And we’ll get more ornaments on it right before Christmas.  No, I haven’t been an elf for weeks as we have gotten close to Christmas.  But, Christmas is more than being an elf and singing carols for weeks.

I love Christmas!  And although this Christmas season has been different, we have gotten to experience some of the very important things.  We got to go on our special Christmas excursion to view lights and ride a train.  We have done some baking!  I have almost all the shopping done.  We have watched a few movies.  My oldest has jumped right in and taken over the Elf on the Shelf duties!  And we’ve gotten to donate in a couple different ways to help others!

Tonight I am thankful for remembering that the best part of Christmas is getting to spend this time with the people who mean the most to me!  The other stuff is fun.  But, it doesn’t define the season.



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