Last weekend I realized that I had a good amount of shopping to do.  I hopped on amazon to see what could make it to my doorstep before Christmas.  This was a good plan!

The bad part of the plan was doing this late at night.  The next morning I looked at what I had bought.  I had went a little overboard.  But, it was all processing, so it appeared too late!

Today I received a notice about part of my order.  Part of it had changed the delivery date to after Christmas.  Meaning that it hadn’t shipped yet!!  Meaning that I could still cancel it!  And I did!

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to fix my over-spending.  Several packages came today!  And I have one in-person trip to make to a store.  Then I think I’m good!  Well, I’ll go to the mall too.  I don’t have anything to get there, except maybe a big pretzel!  But, I like to stop in at least once at the mall during the Christmas season!  The carols over the loudspeaker, the mall Santa, and the bustling of people is a once a year thing!


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