Sometimes I am too stubborn for my own good.  I wanted all the old flooring up in the new office before the drywall was installed.  The old flooring has been there so long that it appeared to have become one with the concrete floor.  I broke the reciprocating saw using a scraper.  The saw was working great . . until a screw broke off inside it.  I ended up doing the rest of the floor with a mutli-use tool (like a Dremel) and a square shovel.  It took hours and hours.

At the end of the hours and hours, I could barely move my right hand.  I was pushing down on the tool and being vibrated for hours.  It was quite painful when it was all said and done.  I know I didn’t break anything, but I sure pissed off some ligaments and stuff!!

I spent the rest of yesterday in a wrist brace.  I slept in the wrist brace.  And accidentally hit myself with it a few times in my sleep.  And I’ve worn it today.

Tonight I am thankful first of all that I got all the old flooring up before the drywall came!  Yay!!  And I am thankful that the swelling seems to have gone down in my hand today!  I’ll bet tomorrow will be even better.  And I’m sure I won’t even feel anything bad by Christmas! 🙂  Well . . hopefully way before that because I want to paint this weekend!!

PS – This space looks better now with the D-R-Y-W-A-L-L!!!


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