Christmas Surprise!

It is time for the telling of my classic Christmas story!!  It isn’t one that has been made in to a movie, as of yet.  Hallmark probably won’t pick it up, as no one falls in love.  But, if you want a story to renew your faith in people, and get a good laugh, then keep reading!

It was the mid to late 1980’s.  We lived in an old farm house, just my mom, my brother, and me.  We lived on a dirt road surrounded by fields and woods.  For a period of time in my childhood, we were not allowed to tell people where we lived.  The house would have been condemned with no central heat and poor plumbing that froze every winter.  I remember being told how serious it was to not let people know where we lived.

One night, in the dark, two cars pulled up in front of the house.  They did not pull in the driveway.  The few people who knew where we lived pulled in the driveway.  My mom is just shy of 5 feet tall.  She could not fight off an attacker, much less two cars full.  She sent my brother and I upstairs to hide and she grabbed her gun.  The knock at the door was a strange man that she had not seen before.  She opened the door ever so slightly and pointed her shotgun at him, asking what he wanted.

HE WAS FROM THE CHURCH!!  (Go ahead and laugh, it’s hilarious!!)  Someone had told the church about us and they had adopted our family for Christmas.  Those two cars were full of groceries and Christmas presents.  And the man on the porch, once he stopped shaking, graciously accepted my mom’s apology for pointing a gun at him!

It is a Christmas memory I will always cherish (and tease my mom about!).  My brother and I got to come downstairs as the people from the cars brought in bag after bag of food.  I was never a doll person.  But someone has made me an Amish doll couple with a handmade desk and bench for them.  I cherished those things!

Tonight I am thankful for a memory of the generosity of others at Christmas!  And I am thankful to be able to help other families with the same Christmas blessings!


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