During Black Friday shopping I had bought myself a light up Christmas winter hat.  The kids all liked it too.  In a weak moment this morning, caught up in a great sale, we bought the kids each their own light up Christmas winter hats!  Oh, who am I kidding, I’d have bought them in a strong moment too! They’re neat hats 🙂

Well, these were going to be Christmas presents.  But, we decided to go to Nite Lites tonight.  So, it just seemed fitting for everyone’s heads to light up too!!

After last year we had decided to hold off on Nite Lites for a few years, while they built up new light displays in their new venue of MIS.  That is why we had decided on going to Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad this year.  The village and railroad were fun!!  But it was right after I bought our tickets for there, that I had read that Nite Lites had added 90 new light displays!!!

We talked about going a week or so ago.  I ended up too tired to want to make that drive.  Today though . . . today I wasn’t too tired!  Our tradition continued!  We brought a small tv to watch Christmas movies on the drive.  We stopped and got Pizza Hut.  Yum!!  And we drove thru Nite Lites.  It was wonderful!  Their work all year paid off!  Their displays were great!  And I loved their new 12 Days of Christmas display!

Tonight I am thankful for deciding to head off to Nite Lites tonight!  It was fun!  We came home tired.  And it was totally worth it!



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