Taken For Granted

I’ve heard it said that one of the best and most fun things that you can do with money is to give it away.  I whole-heartedly agree!

This morning, the kiddos and I loaded up the van and went to bring Christmas to a family who has had some rough times.  We pulled up to the house and the kids noticed something that I didn’t, there was no car.  The family had no car.  We had bought them a gas card.  I had just assumed.  They had four children.  I couldn’t imagine having my four children and no vehicle.  It was a sobering revelation about this family.

The woman came to the door with her baby.  She looked uncomfortable.  I gave her my biggest Christmas smile and explained how we had the presents, so “Santa” could bring them still.  After a minute, she went to check on her older kids.  I saw her with tears in her eyes as she went.  As we unloaded the van, the man was coming out to help.  He had a very kind face.  When he saw my four kiddos get out to help, he had a very kind smile towards them.

We unloaded the bags quickly, wished them a Merry Christmas, and went on our way.  And on the way home we talked about helping people without judgement.  There were several things the kiddos noticed in our quick interaction with these people.  And we talked about sometimes people just need a kind help-out in life.

Tonight I am thankful for so much.  Even in my lowest moments in life, I’ve still had things that I now take for granted, like a vehicle.  I am thankful to be able to help a family this Christmas.  I am extra thankful to be able to share the joy of giving with my kiddos!  I am so very thankful to have had a wonderful Christmas Eve with family!  And I am looking forward to a wonderful Christmas morning tomorrow!  Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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