As a family Christmas present, we got ourselves Netflix!  The kids were very excited!  We cancelled Dish Network a few years ago.  It was at the beginning of our Debt Free journey!

Since cancelling satellite tv, we’ve found the Roku stick, Amazon Prime, and a large HD television antenna.  The plan was to get satellite back after the house gets paid off.  Everyone in the household have been aware of the plan.   I can assure you that not everyone in the household has been excited about the plan.

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t really looked at the price of Netflix before.  It really is reasonable!  By the time we pay off the house, we may not even miss the satellite anymore!!  And, we are now caught up on Fuller House!  Yay!

Tonight I am thankful for adding Netflix to our house!!  I can’t wait to explore it more!

Oh!  And I am thankful that I am typing my blog from my new office!  There is still lots of little things to do, but we are operational!  Yay!!

1-1-2019 9-58-57 PM


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