Baby Steps

Here are my tips on moving towards a goal . . count every little victory you can!!

Today I did not get up with my alarm.  Nope.  One of my goals is to start getting up early again.  I feel so much better when I have my mornings in order!  Part of getting up early is going to bed early.  I didn’t do that last night.  And I hit snooze this morning.  Or, I thought I hit snooze.

I’ve used my phone for years for an alarm clock.  But this phone has a pretty crappy alarm.  The biggest button in the middle of the screen is the Dismiss button to turn off the alarm.  The Snooze button is smaller and towards the bottom of the screen.

So although I did not get up early today, I made an action plan to help myself get up early on other mornings.  I’m ditching this alarm app and finding a new one!  First trial run on the new alarm is tomorrow morning!

Tonight I am thankful for progress.  Remember when following your goals, sometimes you won’t move forward right away.  Sometimes you have to take a baby step to the side and find a better path to move forward on!


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