5 Stars

Several years ago I had bought an office desk that moved vertically to be able to stand or sit at the desk.  It worked great!  But, it had some drawbacks.

I had bought the model with the manual controls.  The gears used were rather small, so there was a lot of cranking to get the desk to move up and down.  The maximum height of the desk was not quite high enough for me to be comfortably standing up straight and not craning my neck down a little towards the monitors.  And, the space of the desk was really not the best set up for my personal desk needs.

The shape and size of the stand-up/sit-down desk was not going to fit in the new office layout.  So I put it up for sale and sold it several weeks ago.  I had been working on a folding table in my old office while I was waiting for the new office to be finished.  For the new office, I found a desk-top moving desk that sits on a regular desk and moves just a small area up and down.  I read reviews.  And took my time.

I invested in an electric model that goes up and down with the push of a button.  And the beautiful box sat for weeks waiting for the new office to be ready.

I can now say without reservation that this thing is awesome!!!  It goes up and down easily.  The maximum height on this one is more than high enough!  And it is just about the perfect width.  Add in the investment in to the monitor arms and this set-up is awesome!!

Tonight I am thankful for the awesomeness of the new office!!  I am LOVING it!  The kitties love it too.  When the desk is raised, it can double as a kitty clubhouse underneath . . they think it’s wonderful.



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