Proud – I spelled Conundrum w/out Spell Check!

I have been hitting a road block in some planning lately.  For weeks I have thought about things.  I’ve went back and forth with ideas.  I just haven’t been able to make a decision that seemed right.  Which is not my normal.  I am typically an excellent decision maker.  And if one decision turns out to be wrong, it’s ok, I’ll just make another decision to fix it!  But this time I’ve been spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

Until today.  Today I was having a planning session with my super-awesome friend/team member.  We were talking about 2019 business things.  And as I was talking, the answer to my conundrum was clear!!

I had been trying to put a variety of tasks in to one category.  When really, playing to the team’s individual strengths will be the best way to get things done!  It was like a light bulb went on!

Tonight I am thankful for my “Ah-Ha” moment today!  I will take a lot more time with these thoughts!  I want my companies to be continually growing and improving.  That will happen best when each team member does things within their own personal strengths!!

There is a quote that fits great here . . but I can’t remember it exactly.  It is something like:  when building your life bouquet, start with flowers that grow in your garden.  I was spending a lot of time with no success, trying to figure out how to too big of a variety of things together.  You can’t grow a cactus outside in Michigan in December.  You grow a cactus where is will flourish naturally!

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